Reservoir Analysis


As companies become more sophisticated and integrate more software-based petroleum evaluation programs into their daily decision-making, Wright & Company, Inc. has increasingly been retained to audit and offer an unbiased opinion as to the reasonableness of a company’s in-house projections of reserves and economics.

Our technical assistants excel at converting databases and working with many different programs and computer systems to help streamline the data transfer and provide the peace of mind sought especially by funding companies.  We will review both in-house and third-party estimates of reserves and economics, and offer opinions to be used as a basis for various transactions.

The most often requested areas of review are:

  • Oil and Gas Reserves
  • Economic Parameters, to include:
  • Working and Revenue Interests
  • Operating Expenses
  • Oil and Gas Pricing
  • State and Local Taxes
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Salvage and Abandonment Costs