Special Services


Special Services

There are many situations that call for a unique combination of professional services which not only require an understanding of Property Evaluation and Reservoir Analysis, but also require a keen understanding of the needs of the financial, government, legal, and securities communities.

Our experienced staff frequently fulfills special needs to include:

  • Initiator/Facilitator for property acquisition and divestiture: From data collection and evaluation to presentations to interested parties, we are involved from the very beginning through the final transaction.
  • Serve as an expert in litigation: We provide independent expertise to help resolve disputes, representing both operators and investors.  Our thorough research and professional opinions have also led to negotiated settlements prior to lengthy legal battles.

If there are any services you are looking for, but have not seen listed on our website, please contact us.  Our goal is to meet your service needs, exceed your expectations, and continue to do business with you in the future.