Philosophy on Fees

Wright & Company, Inc. Philosophy on Fees

Wright & Company, Inc. is dedicated to being the most responsive, highest quality, client-driven firm in the Oil and Gas Industry. Our philosophy as consultants and advisors is to provide our clients with the quality of service that will not only generate maximum income and savings, but will also provide peace of mind and 100 percent satisfaction.

Basic Fees:

The general fee for professional services is based on an hourly rate for work performed.  Here at Wright & Company, Inc., we are aware that cost is an important factor to our clients and, therefore, only assume tasks that are relevant and necessary to complete an evaluation.

We have found that clients are often better aware of evaluation time requirements based on their own previous methodology of review, decline curve procedures, quality of data, ease of data transfer, etc.  For this reason, we welcome input from our clients on estimated time requirements when setting up projected deadlines.

Total project cost will largely depend on the number of Services and the type of Report selected.

Special Fees:

  • Monthly Retainers
  • Monthly Well Monitoring
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures: Depend on the scope.

* Combination or individual fee options are available:

– Minimum fee for preparation of sales package.

– Percent of sale price.

– Percent of total dollars invested.

– Professional Services hourly basis.

– Retainer Basis.

  • Sensitivity Cases: Upon request, we will provide various price and/or cost sensitivity cases for a relatively small additional investment, only after all production and current economic conditions are updated to reflect conditions as of the effective date.
  • Presentations and Reviews: We are available to meet with management, auditors, and any bank representatives to formally present our final results and review all data to ensure satisfaction, understanding, and peace of mind concerning an evaluation.